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Public Records        

Custodian of Records:       E.R. Quatrevaux      
Send public records requests to: Suzanne Wisdom,
General Counsel
By mail: 525 St. Charles Ave. 
New Orleans, LA 70130
By email: publicrecords@nolaoig.org
By fax:  (504) 681-3234



Civil Service Commission Decisions

Chief Administrative Office Policy Memoranda

OIG Procurement Solicitations

RFP for Consulting Services for Justice System Funding Evaluation

Addendum No. 1

RFP for Utilities Regulation Consulting Services

Addendum No. 1
Addendum No. 2
Addendum No. 3

Entergy Franchise Agreements:

Ordinance 6822 (1922)
Ordinance 7068 - Electric (1922)
Ordinance 7069 - Gas (1922)
Ordinance 1443 (1958)
Ordinance 1444 (1958)
Ordinance 17962 - Electric ENO (1997)
Ordinance 17963 - Gas ENO (1997)

Proposals Received in Response to Cancelled RFP # 7101-01422:

Fox Smolen
Pace Global
Snavely King


RFP for Police Staffing & Deployment Evaluation

OIG Quality Assurance Reviews

2012 Quality Assurance Review
2011 Quality Assurance Review

OIG Current Contracts

K11-652 Ultimate Technical Solutions, Inc. - Information Technology Services Contract

K07-758 Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta - Office Space Rental Lease Agreement and Amendments

K11-339 LeBlanc Butler LLC - Legal Services

K11-367 Premium Parking Service - Parking Spaces

MK14-576 Community Mediation Maryland - N.O. Community Police Mediation Project

K14-007 Paula Pendarvis LLC - Media Consultant for OIG/BCM Grant

K14-082 Laura Paul - Communications Coordinator for OIG/BCM Grant

K14-171 LeBlanc Butler LLC - Extension of Contract Amendment No. 1

K12-736 John Williams - Legal Services

K13-1409 Henderson Analytics - Research Associate under BCM Grant

K13-1406 Jeremy Walton - Research Associate under BCM Grant

K13-532 Alexander Weiss Consulting - Consultant for Police Staffing and Deployment Evaluation

K13-753 David M Boonin TBG Consulting - Consultant for Utilities Regulation

K13-1261 Noral Contract - Consultant for Organization Assessment of IPM

K13-1408 Jacqueline Gilford - Research Associate under BCM Grant

K14-425 Vera Institute of Justice, Inc. - Consultant for Justice System Evaluation under BCM Grant

K14-542 Ultimate Technical Solutions, Inc. - Extension of Contract Amendment No. 1

OIG Credit Card Statements
2015 Previous Year Statements
JP Morgan January Statement 2014 JP Morgan Statements
JP Morgan February Statement 2013 JP Morgan Statements
JP Morgan March Statement 2012 JP Morgan Statements
JP Morgan April Statement 2011 JP Morgan Statements
*The OIG only has statements dating back to April of 2011
 JP Morgan May Statement  
 JP Morgan June Statement  
 JP Morgan July Statement  
 JP Morgan August Statement  

*JP Morgan does not generate statements for periods of inactivity

Other Public Records

Fransen v. City of New Orleans 988 So. 2d 225 (La. 2008)

Jackson et al. v. City of New Orleans, Civil District Court for Parish of Orleans, No. 2009-05493, Judgement dated September 5, 2012

Jackson et al. v. City of New Orleans, Civil District Court for Parish of Orleans, No. 2009-05493, Judgment dated April 5, 2012

Part II Crimes: An Analysis of Municipal Offenses and their Effects on the Criminal Justice System in New Orleans 


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